I completed my Master’s degree in counselling psychology and art therapy. I am a counsellor and an art therapist. Therefore, I have the knowledge and skill base of two profound professions and combine them together in my work. In my sessions I include traditional talk therapy, and incorporate art therapy to take your exploration, expression, and healing even further. *You are welcome to come and see me for only verbal counselling if you would like.  


“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way—things I had no words for.” –Georgia O’Keeffe 

Art therapy incorporates images and art making in therapy to help people express themselves and explore what they are going through. Creating images may make it easier to share things that are hard to say or that we have no words for. Art therapy works with a variety of art forms such as drawing, painting, collage making, and also incorporates metaphors, dreams, and other forms of creative expression.  



What if I want to talk?

Great! Art therapy includes talking, unless you choose to only make art and not talk in our sessions, which is fine as well. Art making facilities deep discussions and new discoveries. And, when words fall short, art can come in to express beyond words.  

What if I’m not an artist?

No problem! No previous art experience or skills are required; stick figures and scribbles can express a lot. I strive to create a safe space for all my clients to express themselves creatively regardless of their art experience or skills. The focus is on self-expression and the process, not on the finished product. I will guide you through the process and my intention is that art therapy will be a safe, rewarding, and fun experience for you.  

 Is art therapy just for children and teens?

            Nope! Art therapy is for all ages: children, teenagers, adults, and seniors.  

How do you do both counselling and art therapy?

Together we will find the best fit of how much we talk and how much we make art in our sessions based on your interest and needs. This may change from session to session. Some clients only talk. Some focus on making art. Most clients flow between talking and making art in our sessions together.

What if I only want counselling?

That is just fine. I facilitate my sessions based on the needs and interests of my clients.